Ways To Promote Your Event

Event promotion is vital, as it ensures that the event will gain enough participants in order to be successful. Before promoting your event, you need to establish your marketing goals and how you will measure your progress. Your goals must be clear, concise and achievable. These goals could include Social Media targets such as number of likes/shares, or it could be setting a target number of participants that came through an online advertisement.  

Where and how you market your event will depend on the type of event, the location and who your target participants are. Below are a few ideas of how/where to promote your event: 


Ways to Promote Your Event


Social Media 

Social Media is currently the most effective method of Marketing and event promotion. If it is used correctly, Social Media sites can have a significant impact on the promotion of your event. The nature of your event and the audience that you are trying to reach will dictate which Social Media platform you use.  

Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn also offer sponsored ad options which can be used to promote both your event and your company.  

Email Marketing 

Establishing an email campaign should be a top priority when promoting an event. Email campaigns are a fast and effective way to reach a large audience. Emails should be concise and contain all relevant information; it should be eye-catching and attract the recipient’s attention. Personalised emails are better, as that personal touch makes the recipient feel important, making them more likely to read the email and take action.  


Blogging has become one of the largest trends on the internet to date. Blog entries can reach thousands of online users in minutes if the content is relevant and it is promoted properly. Blogging about your upcoming events and what will be offered is a great way to grab a participant’s attention. Especially if you are able to include a guest blogger or feature in an established blogger’s post. Creating a blog will also boost your hits through search engines if the right keywords are used. 

Traditional Marketing 

Traditional Marketing methods can also be used for event promotion to target a large audience; however, they are usually costlier and are very time consuming. These methods can include newspaper adverts, billboards and flyers. When looking for participants to register online, traditional methods may not work as well as online adverts. This is because it is not just as simple as clicking a link straight to the registration page.


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