How to Track Analytics for Your Events

What are analytics? 

Analytics falls into the field of data analysis; it involves evaluating and researching past and present data to establish potential trends or analyse the performance of a certain tool. As a result, it can be used to gather useful information in which businesses can use going forward. Businesses can establish best practices for the promotion or marketing of a certain event.

track analyics


Why track your event analytics? 

Using Analytics allows you to analyse the routes in which participants used to get to your registration form / site. Therefore, analytics allows you to monitor their entry to the page from many different platforms, allowing you to see which method of promotion has been the most effective.  

Ways to track your analytics 


Google is the most popular tool used when wanting to track Analytics, mostly because it is free and contains some great features. It uses coding connected to your website to monitor incoming traffic to your page. It can depict the numbers of site views, how long they were on the page for and how they got there.  


Facebook boasts a similar Analytics function to that of Google; while Facebook can also offer more information in terms of participant demographics such as age and gender.  

In addition, using both Facebook and Google together could give you a mix match of results. A number of reports suggest that the link between both sets of Analytics is not accurate, providing differentiation between results.