Does your event have a no-refund policy? Why not consider allowing those who have signed up who cannot now participate transfer their place to someone else!


With upwards of 20% of people not turning up for an event after registering most events rightly have a ‘no refund’ policy in place. This allows event organisers to plan for the event, ensuring they have the correct number of stewards, event T-Shirts, numbers and race packs.

However, life happens, and for lots of genuinely good reasons, a participant may no longer be able to attend your event. So, rather than leave your participant with a negative experience of your event, were they didn’t get anything for their money, we have introduced a new ‘Transfer my Place’ system, which is available to any event on the Primo System. It’s a win-win solution, as it allows the event organiser to cover their costs by charging a small admin fee for the process and allows the participant to give their place to a friend.

…Here’s how it works!

The organiser enables the transfer option on the Primo admin system and sets the date of when they wish transfers close on and how much of an admin fee should be charged (if any).

The participant then logs into our ‘Manage My Registration’ system on the online registration form (at the bottom of the registration form). They fill in their order number, date of birth and the email address they used to sign up to the race with. They then click on ‘Transfer My Place’. They complete a short form detailing the email address of the person they want to transfer their place to. An email is then sent to the participant they wish to transfer their place in the race to.

The new participant clicks on the link in their email – completes the standard registration form and then pays any admin fee which has been put in place. On completion, the old participant’s place is cancelled and a new place is created for the new participant!