Did you know?

We’ve been working with events to deliver online fundraising integration with Everydayhero and JustGiving! We feel this is becoming an increasingly vital component in mass participation events.

This year, as part of the registration flow, Primo built out a multi-charity integration tool, enabling participants to raise money for charities of their choice.

fundraising integration everydayhero justgiving

fundraising integration everydayhero justgiving


Our charity integration allows a fundraising page to be setup as part of the registration flow. It’s simple – choose from 2 options!:

  1. Mandatory fundraising: – a user must create a page as part of their registration. The participant will login/create an account with the fundraising platform at the start of the registration process.
  2. Optional fundraising: – Create an optional fundraising page as part of the registration flow.


What else?

  • Go back at a later date and create a fundraising page!
  • The system sets page targets and custom page stories with images.
  • The system generates the total amount of money each supporter has raised into the registration system. This allows organisers to monitor how much their event has raised for each charity.

So…which charity are YOU going to fundraise for?

Think you have what it takes to become a top fundraiser?…Why not get involved now – contact us to find out more!