Event sponsorship can be mutually beneficial to your event and the company who are sponsoring you.  This article outlines the key benefits you can use to help attract event sponsorship:

Generates brand awareness and publicity

Event sponsorship can give the public a positive experience and perception of a brand. By becoming an event sponsor you are putting your brand name at the centre of the event, creating brand association with the event you’re sponsoring. Your brand logo will be constantly visible in promotional material from event registration to the event its self. It’s a win-win situation!

Opportunity to experience your target market first-hand

Your event will have a specific target market.  Taking time to clearly define this will give you a great selling point to attract event sponsorship.  Approaching companies who want to reach your participants will provide a great win win scenario.  Where possible use data from previous events to provide an accurate demographic of your event.

Reconnect with existing customers, engage with potential customers, generate leads

Where possible offer event sponsors more than just a visual presence at your event.  Invite the company to set up a stall allowing them to interact and engage with your participants.  This will give them the opportunity to make their brand more personable and speak directly to their target market.

Extending your brand reach

Event sponsorship can extend a company’s brand reach.  The sponsors logos will be seen throughout the event and on all promotional material, websites, social media and adverts.  Take time before approaching sponsors to list all areas where they will gain exposure.

Event Sponsorship

At Primo Events we understand the impact event sponsorship can have on the success of your event as such we pride ourselves on keeping your sponsors’ logos prominent throughout the registration process with our stunning registration pages!