How Can Charities Help Promote Your Event? 

Working with one or more charities can be one of many great ways to promote your event, improve engagement with your participants and give your participants a better experience to help ensure that they come back year on year.  

3 main benefits of partnering with a charity for your next event; 

  1. Feel good factor

There’s a growing trend of people taking part in events in support of a charity or a good cause. 

Promote that taking part in your event could be a huge opportunity to challenge yourself for a good cause. Then, acknowledge your top fundraisers and celebrate how much has been raised through your event. 

  1. Get your participants selling and receive free Marketing

Each participant raising funds for charity, will promote their fundraising page to friends and family who will then learn about your event. When asking for donations, they may also encourage others to register. The charity will have a database of supporters who may be willing to advertise your event too! 

  1. Extra volunteers

Let’s face it, getting unpaid help is hard! However, charities have a database full of keen volunteers, and the key to a successful event is lots of helpers on the day. 

How to engage with Charities; 

Partner with a couple of charities and clearly define how you will support them in return for their backing for your event. This could be: 

  • Charity integration with online fundraising pages as part of the online registration process. 
  • Collection of donations through the online registration process. 
  • Adding their logo to all promotional material 
  • A donation per entrant 
  • Buckets on the day of the event 

Empower Charity Integration within your online registration system and highlight your featured charities. At Primo Events we have integrations with everydayhero and JustGiving. Simply switch on fundraising pages with a click of a button! 


Ways to Promote Your Event

Ways to Promote Your Event


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