Make Your Event Hashtag go Viral

Hashtags are becoming increasingly popular across all Social Media platforms. What started as being used solely for Twitter, has now spread across Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms such as Pinterest. If used correctly, event hashtags can be a great promotion tool for your brand or event as they are a quick way of increasing the awareness of your event across Social Media.  


Ways to Promote Your Event


To make your #hashtag expand on a viral scale, below is a few useful tips: 

  • Make it catchy. A quirky event hashtag that is memorable will be more widely welcomed and promoted than a standard common hashtag.  
  • Make it stand out. A bold or controversial #hashtag will stand out. 
  • Social influencers are very beneficial. Therefore, if you can get a person who has a strong Social Media presence to retweet your #hashtag it will be great publicity.  
  • Find a relevant event hashtag and join the conversation instead of making up your own. 
  • Hashtags cause increased appeal, thereforepromote the charity and donation links to your event 
  • Don’t be shy, ask people and companies for retweets and publicity for your #hashtag campaign to get it off the ground.  
  • Try and stick with one or two main hashtags relevant to your event and your brand. Consequently, too many hashtags is overkill and will inhibit the message you are trying to get out. 
  • Research is key. As a result of doing your research, you will have a good idea of the event hashtags which can be used for your event. Carry out research prior to choosing a hashtag. It is difficult to change your hashtag after an event has been launched and promoted.  
  • Try and create a hashtag for your event and apply it across all of your social media posts. Consistency is key across your social media platforms, so try and include it in all of your accounts.


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