Event Day Checklist

Holding your own event in the near future? Want to make sure you’ve covered every little detail from start to finish? The following event checklist will help you on your way to achieving success behind the scenes before the event and on the day. 

Event Checklist;

1. Start off with having clear, defined objectives to base your event upon: 

  • What do you aim to achieve? What is the purpose – is it for charity or just for fun? 
  • Who do you want to attract to the event? 
  • What activities will take place? 

2. Plan the event well in advance, including an event checklist! It’s recommended to start planning at least 3-6 months beforehand to ensure that everything is completed. 

3. Plan the tasks ahead and assign them between the team: 

  • Where and when will the event be held? 
  • How can we involve the local community? 
  • Is there an email address people can email their queries to? 
  • How many volunteers will I need to set up on the day? 
  • Who is in charge of collecting contributions? (raffle prizes, food?) 
  • How often will we meet up to discuss progress? 
  • Who reports to who? 
  • What is the main form of internal and external communication? (email or phone?) 
  • What will be included in the cost of registration? (T-shirt, water?) 
  • Who is responsible for the early stages of publicity for the event? 
  • Who is doing what? 
  • Creating a spreadsheet calendar of deadlines that everyone can agree upon and realistically stick to 


  • Creating an event timeline – from the morning to evening


event checklist


4. Keep in mind the practical aspects, such as health and safety (how can we avoid an accident?), first aid (is everyone trained?), transport to and from the event, photographers, wheelchair access, signage for the event from the main roads and local media coverage. 

5. Make sure you obtain a license or permit for your event well in advance and educate yourself on any rules and regulations! 

6. Create a budget plan and stick to it. Record all spending: 

  • How much money do you have to spend? 
  • Expenses list – to cover hire of equipment or venue, prizes, transport, staff, entertainment and event insurance 
  • How are you going to cover expenses – through the entry fee, raffles, selling refreshments or through sponsorship? 

7. Early publicity of your event is key to success – how else are people going to hear about your event if you don’t make them aware of it through publicity, such as social media (Facebook, Twitter), through friends and family, local radio station and press releases? 

  • Who do you want your publicity to reach? Is there a particular age group? 
  • Who is responsible for creating posters and leaflets and how will they be distributed? 

8. Plan in detail! 

  • Cover all jobs, is everything taken care of? Have you ticked off your event checklist?
  • Does everyone have a clear idea of their role on the day of the event? 
  • Have you planned for all weather conditions/do you have a back-up plan if your event is outdoors and it has rained all day? 
  • How much time is required for setup and take-down of the event? 
  • Who is responsible for collecting last-minute entry fees and donations on the day? 

 9. Take photos on the day of your event. Support and encourage volunteers. Record feedback from participants and spectators. 

 10. After the event is just as important as the planning the build-up to the event: 

  • Who’s going to count the takings? 
  • Roles for tidying up 
  • What activities made the most money and which didn’t do as well? 
  • How will you let everyone know how much was raised? 
  • Discuss and learn from setbacks 
  • How will you measure the event’s success? 
  • Remember to thank everyone!