Why Create a Facebook Event?

Creating a Facebook event could not be easier – it’s a great way to spread the word quickly and all you need is your Facebook account and the relevant details about your event that the public need to know.  

After completing, you can start to build up your attendance list by inviting your Facebook friends list to your event and promote and share your event on your own profile to build up awareness and interest.  

Facebook allows you to monitor your attendance rate of ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ responses and engage with people you have invited and encourage them to respond as to whether they’re planning to attend or not so that you can plan accordingly. 


Ways to Promote Your Event



  • It’s completely FREE – what more could you want? No costs, no promotion fees – you can do it all yourself and engage with your own audience (more control over the running of your event)
  • Easy to invite people to Facebook events – you can extend your reach even further if you make your event ‘Public’, so that a larger audience can see it.
  • Allows anyone with Facebook to invite people to your event (extra help and reach). 
  • You can ask people to invite people they think might be interested in attending your event 
  • When people RSVP to your event as ‘Attending’, it shows up on their Facebook News Feeds. This means that their friends list will see this which could potentially acquire new clients. 
  • Your event will show up in ‘Suggested Events’ for attendees’ friends to see. Facebook is clever – it also suggests events near to people or based on a users’ liked pages or online activity. 
  • Notifies users that their Facebook friends are going to an event nearby on the day of the event. 
  • Attendees can further promote the event by ‘tagging’/‘checking’ themselves and friends into the event on Facebook. 
  • Sends RSVP reminders – the event pops up as a notification on Facebook. This is can be extremely useful as it lessens the chance of participants forgetting about the event.
  • On the event page, people can also connect with each other. The organiser can create a mass post to everyone that allows them to keep those invited/attending up-to-date! 
  • Enables organisers to monitor metrics, these can include questions such as – what age group is declining the invite the most?


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