Event branding can make or break can event, so as an event organiser it should be a top priority in the event planning process and not merely just an afterthought. Branding is not just simply logos, banners and themes, it is more about the full cohesive experience that users will be exposed to from the first point of contact until well after the event ends.  Achieving brand consistency can positively impact an event from start to finish.

Achieving Consistent Event Branding – How to and Why

1. Pick an idea, stick with it!  

The key to brand consistency is to select one idea and go with it. Continuously changing your event branding can cause a lot of confusion across the different platforms. It can also come across as being very unprofessional and unorganised. If you carry out adequate research prior to the event about your branding ideas, you should not have a need to change them mid-way through the event process. Your branding should give your event a distinct visual identity that will be memorable for participants.  

2. Integrate your brand 

Ensure to integrate your brand into everything related with the event. You can include branding on all social media platforms, event decoration and even registration forms. Maintaining a consistent approach across all elements of the event will generate positive responses. Any updates that you post on Social Media or through mass Marketing techniques should also be fully integrated with the events branding.  

3. Get everyone involved  

It is important to utilise input and feedback from all those involved in the event. By keeping everyone involved, it allows them to fully understand the concept of the brand and buy into the idea. If staff/volunteers fully understand the brand and what they are representing, it will ensure that consistency across the board when promoting and marketing the event.  

4. Resources  

In order to establish a strong brand consistency, you must provide the correct resources. Ensure that all staff/volunteers are equipped with the correct materials. This will allow them to ensure constant brand theme across all platforms. This can include up-to-date pictures, logos, graphic or even staff T-shirts.


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