2017 has been a year of great technological advancement across various digital platforms, such as Social Media, website, photo and video channels, leaving companies constantly seeking to keep up with these changes and exceed expectations better than the competition.

With this continuing into 2018 also, Primo Events have prepared a list of event trends for event organisers to keep an eye out for, that companies can integrate into their strategies when

planning their next event!

2018 Trends Event Organisers


Live chat tools

Instant messaging aims to increase customer service and client communication with customers, allowing companies to chat directly with their website visitors, speeding up the process of resolving any queries they may have.

Have you ever had to wait for what seems like an eternity for an email response? – Problem solved! Live chat will be more convenient for customers to access than writing a full email. Company agents can assist several visitors at once, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels and lower waiting times. It’s a win-win situation!

Live streaming and filming of events

Live streaming or uploading videos is available on all major Social Media networks and act as a visual representation of an event, enabling consumers to relive memorable past events they were a part, or be a part of the action as it unfolds if they are unable to attend an event.

Seeking to broaden your target audience and customer base? Don’t limit your audience to that only in attendance in a workshop – live stream (such as Facebook Live) so others can watch online, be part of the discussion and leave comments in real-time!

Will Instagram become more popular than Facebook?

Studies show that visual representation such as photos and videos showcasing products are more likely to capture the attention of a consumer and is easier for the reader to digest, rather than a large paragraph of text. Photo sharing platforms, such as Snapchat, are being used more frequently – event organisers can now create their own event filters on Snapchat and encourage participants to share their ‘selfies’ using the filters.

Instagram have recently introduced ‘Instagram stories’, with an event-focused approach, enabling insight into daily events as they happen – the perfect way for event organisers to encourage their participants to get involved!

New May 2018 GDPR regulations

From 25th May 2018 onwards, due to updated GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliances, companies will be revising their data security policies and procedures to shift attention to focus on online privacy, data protection and how companies handle and store consumer data correctly and efficiently.

Deeper analysis of event trends/feedback

Attention will be brought to focus on the analysis of surveys, how event data is collected and the performance of events to further understand what consumers really want. There’s no better people to get genuine feedback from than those who are actually participating in your event! It serves as an opportunity for participants to voice their real opinions and for event organisers to listen to things they may have overlooked, thus creating a bond between consumers and clients, making the clients feel valued. The sooner companies can turn the feedback into improvement/action, the more benefits event organisers will start to reap, for example, through repeat purchase.

2018 Trends Event Organisers

Virtual events

Event organisers – ever had a participant who now can’t attend your event due to certain circumstances, but they would be keen on taking part in their spare time? Organising virtual events, such as half marathons or sporting activities could be the solution for you! These people could perhaps work towards the medal or certificate you were offering as a reward to all finishers in their spare time, making them still feel a part of the atmosphere without being there in person!

 Higher engagement levels

Engaging with your target audience, allowing you to be part of the event experience too! It is thought that event organisers will use the 5 senses to their advantage and incorporate them into events – for example, the smell of the food of the products being displayed at an exhibition or placing displays at their stand that encourage the sense of touch, such as soft clothing items at a merchandise stand. Or, event organisers being in the midst of the event talking to participants!

Emotional connection

It is thought that use of local food and culture will be used to create an emotional connection and memorable experience for the participant. For example, on events organised on St Patrick’s Day, such as festivals or fun runs can make use of the colour green, shamrocks, leprechaun and showcase the local beverages on offer.

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