Why Work With Us?

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    Reliable, fully featured event registration software ready to go!

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    First class support to help you and your clients

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    Increase your revenue

Chip Timers and Event Organisations

Why work with Primo Events?

Expand your service and offer online registration

Increase your revenue

Easily upsell to your existing clients

How It Works

We will set you up with your own 'super account' where you can manage and oversee all your clients' events

Each of your clients will have their own account to set-up and look after their own events

Event registration fees will be paid out automatically on a 7 day rolling basis to each client

You will receive commission on each online registration

How Pricing Works

Consider this a partnership, we provide you with the software and you provide the service for your customers

We use a system called Stripe to handle payments. This allows all event revenue to go straight to the organisers account on a 7 day rolling basis. GREAT for cash flow

You'll receive commission on each registration processed. We pay this out on a monthly basis

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