The Super 7 Supplies…for Race Day

Whether it’s your 100th race or first, you’re a pro or an amateur, running long or short distance, we all can benefit from being fully organised and prepared for any race! Preparation and being ready for all things that race day can throw at you will make a better result, a better race and a more enjoyable experience.

At Primo Events, we’ve ran our fair amount of races and want to share what we have found to be essentials when it comes to race day. You’ve invested a lot of valuable time and put in mounds of effort to get this far so avoid the last minute disruptive panics and follow our easy guide that will have you prepared for race day like a pro.

Race Day Essentials

  1. Food and Water

WaterBottledMake sure that you’re fully hydrated the day before the race and that you’re sipping on water up to30 minutes before you set off. Careful not to overdo it as the excess water will sit in your bladder and increase the likelihood of time-wasting pit stops. Also grab a banana or a bagel a couple of hours before you hit the start line.

  1. Safety Pins

SafetyPinsFinishing a race without your race number attached could make the difference of running your best race and being disqualified! Bring enough pins to make sure your race number is staying put, and be that saving grace for some poor soul who forgot there’s…a bit of good karma can go a long way!

  1. Plasters/Band-Aids

BandAidThese little bad boys can save you from some unnecessary discomfort and can give you some peace of mind just knowing you have them. Don’t forget, preparing for the unexpected is key to an enjoyable race.

  1. Hair Ties

HairTiesThis is for those fellow long haired runners…ALWAYS bring a spare. Breaking a hair tie before a race can be the most heart breaking and unnerving experience, but knowing you’ve a spare will spare you this moment of panic.

  1. Sunscreen

SunShineAches and pains are inevitable after running a marathon or sweating out a 10km but adding burnt skin to the equation just isn’t worth it! Lather up and protect yourself.

  1. Watch

Bring a timer of some sort. A wrist sports watch is handy, so youStopWatch can check your time at different markers on the course to make sure you’re smashing your targets or know when you’re lagging behind.

  1. Socks!!

FeetThe small rub that turns into a swelling bubble oozing with pain located between your sock and skin. The dreaded blister! Do yourself a HUGE favour and save yourself the agony, spend a bit of money on a decent pair of socks! I personally prefer the 1,000 mile socks but go with what you know, ditch the cheap stuff and look after your feet!

So there you have it – our super 7 supplies for race day! Don’t forget to double check the starting time and location of the start and finish line, arrive early and keep warm.

These 7 essentials will help you enjoy your race – now all you have to do is train hard and turn up!!

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