Registration is the Easy Part

Early starts, late evenings, restrictive diets, blisters, sore joints, miserable weather…the list goes on for the typical runner’s daily battle! All of which they choose and love to do…as an event organiser, your gift to your participants can be a seamless, easy to use registration process for your event.

Aim to produce a straightforward registration process where people can generally complete in a couple of minutes.


The Don’ts

Avoid free text answers!

Yes / No or drop down values are quicker to answer and much easier to analysis later.


They are awkward and you force your participants to give away their info to 3rd party organisations that will not only spam but will also advertise your competitor’s!

Long winded registration forms – keep it short

ASK YOURSELF, do I need this information? What am I going to use this for?
If you won’t use it, don’t ask it.

Your ideal entry form

Keep it as short as possible

Participant Details

Name, DOB, Gender – for a race this can be used to determine all event categories

Contact Information

Email, Telephone, Address – consider dropping the address field if you are not posting anything

Event Specific Questions

T-Shirt Size (use a drop down)
How did you hear about the event – useful if you are monitoring your advertising spend (again, use a drop down)

Terms & Conditions

Ensure that your participants agree to your terms & conditions. This should include details such as:

  • Liability policy
  • Marketing disclosure
  • Refund policy
  • Those that will have access to data
  • Conditions for a cancelled/postponed event

NOTE: Make use of conditional logic so that people only answer questions relative to them
(check out this neat guide on how to use and implement the Primo Events conditional logic features Resources  )
*Nearly all questions should be mandatory – if they aren’t, a large portion of people won’t answer the question which will make the data collected less meaningful.

Keeping my data secure:

Who has access to the data and what information should they see. e.g. if you are working with a timer do they need the persons contact details?
Register with the information commissioner and keep yourself right.

Use a secure and flexible software provider. Primo Events software gives you complete control over what questions you wish to ask and where they are located on the form.

We pride ourselves in being completely event focused – let us be part of your team.

ProfileSquareBy Simon Taylor, Managing Director of Primo Events LTD. A software company specialising in helping event organisers grow and manage their events. Passionate about sport and running in particular Simon is a UK Athletics level 3 endurance coach. For enquires please get in contact via

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