Are you a busy fool?

Gain more time, create less work and increase the accuracy of your data.


We understand that there are only 24 hours in a day and that with a more successful event comes more work. We aren’t claiming we’ve Bernard’s watch, however there are ways to avoid being a busy fool, and become far more productive.



As the organiser for an event it is key to master the task of delegation. Gather your team and assign key roles to each member. Give volunteers a sense of responsibility and purpose, this will help highlight your reliable volunteers and in time make great dedicated event helpers.


Sign Post your Participants

Increased success = increased participants…which inevitably means more enquiries! Try to make your event as scalable as possible. Sign post your participants to a FAQ section on your website, or enable a ‘Manage My Registration’ feature with your online event registration. This will save time editing participants details, processing refunds or resending emails. [Find out more]


Embrace Event Technology

Grasp the concept and importance of technology for your event. It is increasingly more important to understand what technology can do for you. Having accurate data will help determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie, which is a crucial step in driving your events’ success. [Find out more, read our blogs or visit our resources section]


Don’t let the barriers of mass participation defeat you. Encourage more registrations and make your event a huge success!

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